Family Jewelry with a Modern Twist

Classic or Modern, family jewelry is a great way to celebrate the ones we love. From rings and pendants to bracelets and earrings, birthstone jewelry for our loved ones has really come a long way. You can customize your piece with engraved initials or names. You can even add multiple names on a single piece. Don’t forget about Mother’s Day, May 14th this year. It may be time for an upgrade or time to start a new tradition. Enjoy this sneak peak, but feel to stop in and take a look at all of our family jewelry options. You could also custom design your very own piece! Come see us today and refer a friend 😉

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Golden Renaissance supports Girl Scouts in Waldorf MD






We care about our community members. We support local events around the Southern Maryland area. From different group galas to school auctions, we are more than willing to lend a helping hand. Golden Renaissance Jewellers isn’t just a repair shop or retail store, we are a friend of the Waldorf and Southern Maryland area since 1981.

The Girl Scout Troop #1102 approached us about hosting a meeting to learn about the jewelry business and we jumped on board. When the girls arrived we took them on a tour of the store, including the repair shop. They learned about the different areas for repair such as the jeweler’s bench, laser welding machine and finishing up with polishing department.

We had the most fun with the dress up corner! Necklaces, Bracelets, and Rings galore. Everyone got to try on different styles of jewelry and showcase their personal styles. We ended the meeting with a beading lesson from our Pearl stringing expert, April. April showed everyone how to string the beads and tie them off to create their own personalized bracelets to take home.

We don’t know who had more fun, but it was a true pleasure to share a part of our every day life with a new generation. Congratulations on earning TWO new badges, ladies!!!

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Custom Design and Casting Jewelry in Waldorf, MD


Have you ever thought about repurposing your old jewelry and creating something brand new? Well, now you can. We took an heirloom necklace and created 3 matching cross pendants. This was the perfect way for the family to continue to pass on a meaningful piece of jewelry, for generations to come.

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Jewelry Repair Experts in Waldorf, MD


Our shop has been providing exceptional jewelry and watch repair services for over 30 years. We have one of the only in house repair departments in all of Southern Maryland. Craftsmanship, Precision, and Attention to Detail are only a few aspects that truly set our shop apart from the competition. You can count on having your jewelry or watch repair completed in a timely manner; typically in less than 2 weeks.

We specialize in traditional solder repairs and new age laser welding. Anything from stone setting, ring sizing, prong tipping, chain repair, even eye glass repairs can be done. Skip the “while you wait” repair shops. They are rushed and sloppy. They don’t have half of the training and experience as our jeweler. Piece of mind for not leaving your jewelry with a stranger is one thing. But, isn’t piece of mind for a quality repair, done properly, more important. Besides, don’t be a stranger. We will happily explain the whole process of the repair to you and gladly map out your piece(s) with you before and after. There should be no fear involved in getting your jewelry and watches repaired. We have the reputation to prove it. Our customers have been coming back regularly because of the services we provide and for the family-type atmosphere that we pride ourselves on.

If nothing else, we hope that you remember, WE LOVE JEWELRY. We want to be sure it stays beautiful and safe so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. Let us help you with your next repair or preventative repair and show you how painless and worry free it can be, at Golden Renaissance Jewellers.

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Financing Options from your Favorite Waldorf, MD Bridal Jewelry Retailer


Everyone can surly relate to walking through the Mall and being hounded by sales people that insist on signing you up for a credit card. Or at a checkout counter having to field through a bunch of prompts, repeatedly telling you how much $$$ you can save on your purchase today by signing up for their store credit card. Financing options are out there and everywhere. Financing is a good resource for buyers that want to own an item right now and pay or it over time.

There are a lot of 0% APR programs, as well as, 0% Interest programs that ultimately allow you to pay off your balance over a matter of 6-60 months. We have the capability to finance your jewelry purchase. Get exactly what you want without having to put forth all of your money at the same time. Its convenient shopping. But its not pushy. You won’t be asked to sign your life away the second you enter the door. We want our customers to know that you have options when shopping and that sometimes financing may fit your needs and sometimes it may not. And that’s okay. It’s simple to see what you are qualified for and if you are curious, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our sales associates for more information.

One thing to remember with our financing is there are never any fees to the customer for using this resource. We’d love to have your business and there won’t be any hidden charge associated with using an account to make a purchase. Our same store policies apply to financed items as any store purchase; you have 10 days to return a purchase (special orders or custom orders are subject to approval) and 30 days for an exchange. As always you have the buying power at your disposal and we are always willing to work with you in any way that we can. Please drop by and take a look at what we have to offer and get any questions you may have answered by our trusted professionals.

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Find the BEST FIT for your Earrings in all of Waldorf, Maryland with these helpful hints from Golden Renaissance Jewellers

frictionback protektor swissback1 swissback2 threadedposts

Diamond stud earrings are a classic staple for a lot of jewelry enthusiasts. They can be worn for everyday to evening wear. A quality pair of diamond earrings are something that can last for generations to come. One thing to consider, aside from the Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat, is the Mounting for your stones.

How do you plan to wear your studs? Are they for special occasions? Will they be a regular accompaniment to your work attire? Do you put them in and leave them in, no matter what? These are just a few of the questions you may want to consider when looking for the right Mounting that will fit your needs. The jewelry industry is ever evolving and creating new gadgets and gismos. The traditional Friction Post system is a slide on and off earring backing. The earring back has a butterfly design which allows you or your jeweler to adjust the tightness and help to prevent it from sliding off. This design is typically recommended for lighter weight earrings.

For more expensive gemstones and diamonds you will find that many people opt for a Threaded Post or Screw Back System. These types of designs have a threaded post that calls for a particular earring back that will twist (or screw) on and off. They typically have two holes for added security. The good thing about this design is that it is more difficult to get the backing off by itself. With proper maintenance and regular inspection of the threaded posts, to insure no stripping is occurring, they can last for any number of years with regular wear. A lot of patrons do argue, that this design is safer, but more difficult to maneuver, especially when trying to navigate the two holes of the earring back.

Because of the difficult nature of threading a screw back onto its post, a design called the Protektor Back System was developed. This is a double notch post, resembling that of the friction post, but with a specially design spring loaded earring back. The earring back is a flat disk-like design with a squeeze point on either side that must be simultaneously engaged in order to slide it on and off of the post. The backing will “lock” into 1 of the 2 notches on the post, keeping it from falling off. This, as well as any of the aforementioned systems can be used for any stud earring design.

The latest invention is that of the Swiss Back System. This new design best resembles a cufflink. There is no earring back to speak of. This innovative, easy solution is a one-piece adjustable T-back that fits every ear comfortably. Simply slide the post through the ear and pop out the “T” bar and voila!

Bring in your studs and we can get you a price quote for your earring conversion. Please remember that all of our repair work is done on-site and in a timely manner. Feel free to call with any questions you may have.

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Golden Renaissance Jewellers’ Signature Series Watches for all of Waldorf, MD and beyond.

w6 w7 w9 w10 w11 w12

We are proud to present our very own Signature Series Watch Collection. Each timepiece comes with our store emblem printed on the dial which guarantees you a LIFETIME BATTERY REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. This collection has hundreds of styles to choose from and special orders are also available. Each watch has a Sapphire Crystal and is manufactured using Surgical Stainless Steel. Each quartz movement is Made in the USA from Authentic Swiss parts.

If by chance you are looking for your own company logo to be printed on a dial, stop on in and we will make it happen. Tons of different sizes and styles with Solid Gold options as well.

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Engagement Rings in Waldorf, MD…Which color is on the rise?




Gold comes in many different colors. Traditional Yellow & White, and now with an up rise in Rose gold. You can also find Brown, Green and Orange Gold, which tend to be less popular with the consumer market.

In the 1980’s yellow gold was the most predominant color option in the retail jewelry business. In the early 2000’s white gold took the jewelry industry by storm. Now a days, designers are experimenting with Rose gold options as well.

Selecting a color as a base for your jewelry can not only compliment your fashion style, but the gemstone(s) as well. Diamonds tend to show best in white gold. There is little color reflection, allowing the brilliance of a stone shine through. A delicate tone of Aquamarine tends to show best in yellow gold, as it will add a bit of contrast (depending on the mounting and quality of the stone) to the overall design. Pink stones, such as Tourmaline or Morganite can be doubly enhanced with a rose gold mounting. These romantic hues blend beautifully together.

Of course, every color gemstone can be mixed and matched with any color of gold. It all comes down to taste and preference. Don’t be afraid to try something new, you might just find that you love it even more than you could have originally imagined.

Safety, stability and durability are also factors for selecting the right color mounting for you. Yellow gold is the easiest metal to care for. A buff, polish and ultrasonic cleaning are really all it takes to keep your piece looking like new. White gold is a bit more extensive, with a proper refinish and rhodium plating to allow the piece to show like the day it was purchased. Rose gold can be a bit softer on its own and may cause smaller accent stones to unset and fall out. Proper setting procedure and care must be paid to these types of mountings.

How you wear your jewelry is also a consideration in the selection process. Do you put it on and leave it on? Do you wear your jewelry during the day and take it off at night? Everyday activities wreak havoc on our precious gems and mountings. As always, it is highly recommended that you be proactive with your pieces. Bring them in for a free inspection and cleaning every 6-12 months to be sure and catch any issues before they become too costly. Our expert staff are trained to alert customers on the state of their piece(s) and suggest solutions before anything becomes a major problem.

We carry a variety of gold options in many different styles so be sure to stop in and take a look, try stuff on. After all, jewelry is not only beautiful, ITS FUN!

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Windex…The little Miracle that helps you in a pinch. Southern Maryland Jeweller Tips.


Feeling a little bloated?

Have you just had a wonderfully tasty crab feast?

Are your rings feeling just a little too snug at the end of the day???

Worry no more! Try spraying a little Windex or glass cleaner on your finger to lubricate under the metal and TA-DA, it should slide right off. We highly recommend this type of product in lieu of soaps, lotions, or butter because it won’t cloud or gunk up any stones set in the ring itself.

Of course if your ring won’t come off with a little help from Windex, stop by the store and we will gladly cut it/them off for you. Don’t worry, just the ring(s)…not your finger 😉

If cutting them off is the best course of action, we also recommend allowing your finger to rest for at least 4-6 weeks before sizing it appropriately. This time will allow the meat of the finger to relax to where it belongs. Because, honestly, after being without a ring for a month+, you really don’t want to have to worry about getting your ring re-sized.

As always, we handle all of our repairs in house and in a 2 week or less turn around period.

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HALF OFF Engagement Rings! July ONLY Sale. Waldorf, MD’s finest.


For the month of July, all bridal mountings and semi-mountings will be 50% OFF!

This sale includes all of our in stock inventory. New bridal designs from Gabriel&Co., ArtCarved, Elma-Gil and many more. This type of sale only happens once a year, so don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to get an engagement ring that you’ve always wanted. Get a splurge item that you’ve had your eye on. Or perhaps get an upgrade for your diamond!

*This sale cannot be combined with any other coupon or special offer. Special orders will not be considered. Ring sizing is extra. Sale ends 7/31/2015.

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